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Tara OSH

Editor, Writer & Book Coach

Tara OSH lives with her husband, two Beagles, and two cats in their dream home which was found and purchased on a whim during a visit to Umbria, Italy. Born in South Korea, adopted and raised in Oregon, USA, Tara OSH merges her international persona not only in name but also as a global citizen. Formerly a professional English language educator, which provided the freedom to travel the world, she now writes to share her experiences in hopes of helping others. She is also proof that even the greatest planners among us can spontaneously make our dreams a reality.

About the Book

Have you made the big decision to move to Italy and don't know where to start? Look no further than Umbria on a Whim! This book provides helpful information and personal anecdotes about starting the process to fulfill your dream to settle in Italy. Umbria on a Whim: Volume 1 - The Basics is the first of a developing series designed to help those who are ready to move to Italy easier. Readers of this book will have already decided and are now looking for guidance on how to get that process started rather than trying to convince you to make the move like others in the genre. Everything is organized so that you can quickly find the answers you need, no matter your situation. This first of the series will apply to just about anywhere in Italy, but further volumes will center more specifically on the region of Umbria, a lesser-known neighboring province to Tuscany. This beautiful region is more than worth putting down roots in, whether as a full-time or part-time resident. So, don’t think about it anymore, let’s get started making your dream of living an Italian life even closer to a reality.

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Umbria on a Whim

Volume 1 The Basics, an Insider's Guide for Moving to Umbria

By Tara OSH

ISBN:  ‎ 978-1955541084

To purchase the book, click on the image.



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