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John Bertucci


John retired after forty-six years in education. In addition to teaching secondary English and Language Arts, he was also a high school principal and athletic director. He graduated from Northern Michigan University B.A., M.A., and Ed.S., and from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Ed.D. He has written two novels—Hidden Conspiracy, and now this sequel, Conspiracy Unveiled, is the second of three novels in the series. He also has written a children’s book, Little Bird. John’s family is most important to him, and he enjoys spending time with his wife, LaVonne, children John and Christina, their spouses, My and Bobby, and grandchildren—Bella, Noah, Elijah, and Clara. He served in the U.S. Army and is a Vietnam Veteran. Besides reading and writtng, he enjoys running and staying in shape.

About the Book

How do you keep individuals who want power and money from turning a country into an autocracy? Joe and Ron, friends since the ‘70s and both Vietnam Veterans, have stumbled on something very sinister in the woods in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Previously, the two veterans worked together in clandestine operations with the military and government agencies. Since then, they have both been busy teaching, but their previous operations have led them to continue some of their past practices.

Together, with many of their friends, they have been trying to find answers to what a paramilitary group is doing in the U.P. After much turmoil, they have discovered that this group has ambitions far beyond the U.P., so they are attempting to find a way to take down this powerful organization that is trying to influence the common man to participate in a devious scheme. Not only is it difficult because the insurgents have the money—but also because they have influenced so many individuals who have nothing to lose in an economy that favors the rich. They have also infiltrated many government organizations and political groups, spreading their falsehoods and money around like rain during a downpour. Can anyone stop them?

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Conspiracy Unveiled

Book Two in the Conspiracy Series

John Bertucci

ISBN:  ‎978-1955541107

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