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Mary K Crawford - Lorfink


Mary K Crawford-Lorfink graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BA in English and has been published in WINK: Writers in the Know, Creatopia magazine, and Amazon books. She is an ongoing student at The Loft Literary Center, Minneapolis, MN, and a WOW Women of Words member. “Writing is a mystical experience—turning story into wonder.”

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About the Book


Thirteen Diamond Lake Point - A Spirited Mystery by Mary K Crawford - Lorfink


Janet is hired as a personal assistant to Hollywood’s daughter, Ava Fleming. Ava is enmeshed in the extravagant lifestyle of an eccentric heiress living somewhat reclusively on a semi-hidden stretch of Diamond Lake. Alone, during an overnight housesitting stay, Janet experiences the eerie feel of a restless presence and is drawn into communion with the spirit world. What do the spirits want from Janet? She allows her instincts to guide her through Ava's strange new world of privilege and need.


Janet contemplates the evening sky's orangey glow with a surreal calm that fills her with a profound sense of purpose and meaning. The mix of party sounds grows hushed, distant, and forgotten. She picks a hibiscus flower from a nearby planter and places the red flower behind her ear while remembering that in fairy tales and myths, people are warned not to eat from the strange place they’ve lost themselves in, or they won’t be able to leave it.

As the sun disappears from the horizon, she wonders if this is where she is truly meant to be. She senses someone standing beside her.

“Hello,” he says.


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