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Dominique Miller

We are all part of Nature

We are all part of Creating


My thoughts became written words that formed the sentences bundled in this book. Poetry in a simple and pure way to express my love for Nature. These poems encourage one to embrace the beauty of nature, find the beauty within yourself, and to share this with others. I am sharing this with you through this collection of words & photography in “My Thoughts in a Bundle”

... a chapter in my Life.

My Story

Dominique Miller is a Minnesota based author & artist, originally from The Netherlands. She moved to the United States in 2018 to live life together with her American-born husband. When she arrived, she changed her career from ‘Army – to Artist life’, and is now the owner of ByNikcreations, a small art-business. She works in a variety of mediums and expresses her creativity on paper both through images and words. Dominique loves spending time outdoors and these moments in nature are what inspires her in her work. Creativity brings people together, it is a way to connect with others, one of the many benefits she finds in being a creator.


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My Thoughts in a Bundle

Poetry in Relationship with Myself, Others, and Nature

By Dominique Miller

ISBN:  978-1-955541-07-7

Available for purchase on Etsy

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Etsy:  ByNikcreations

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