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P. R. Wilkerson


Patty grew up in northern California and now resides in a cottage in the suburbs of St. Paul, Minnesota. She retired from the Children's Home Society of Minnesota and now spends time with family and friends in St. Stanislaus Women's Spirituality Group.


She completed her first book, Heart to Heart, in December 2021. Once again, she put pen to paper with the inspiration from God and encouragement from family and friends to complete Heavenly Light. Being blessed with a long life, she has had many challenges, awakenings, and miracles. She is grateful for

them all.


She believes that when this book touches someone's life in a positive way, by the grace of God it has accomplished what it was meant to do.

About the Book

See the awe-inspiring beauty in reality. Sit back, relax, and go on a journey through the author's decades of true-life stories, all filled with challenges, awakenings, and miracles. This little book with a big message also has photos of God's beautiful gifts of nature that surround us in all its living glory. It's truly an eye-opening experience. Read, share, and compare your views, thoughts, and stories as you read through the author's inspirational memoirs, all written in easy-to-read spiritual poetry.

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