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Megan Effertz


Megan Effertz grew up spending her days on Lake Minnetonka, renting movies from Blockbuster at night, and being influenced by John Hughes movies as she was coming of age. Those epic movies, coupled with the real-life love stories of her parents and grandparents, each marrying within six-months of meeting, left her no chance of becoming anything other than a hopeless romantic.


Her dad read to her as a child, igniting her passion for reading and spurring on her imagination.

In her debut novel, Maddie + Max, Megan captures the simplicity of falling in love in the 90’s, and the complications that come with different family dynamics. She tosses in heart-breaking and surprise twists, as Maddie and Max navigate new and hard feelings.


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About the Book

Maddie + Max is a tale of enduring love. One that endures time and one that binds so tight, it breaks hearts.

When Maddie and Max meet, it’s like old souls coming home. But love looks different depending on what side of the tracks you’re standing on. For Maddie, loving comes easy, given freely, no strings attached. For Max, love is hard, something to be earned, something he doesn’t think he deserves.

Stealing time alone together is their sweet secret, until Max’s own secret eventually pulls them a part. Years later, an unexpected encounter leads Maddie and Max to a moment of passion. The aftermath leaves Maddie dealing with a surprise secret of her own, one that she can’t reveal to Max.

Maddie runs from Max. Dreams of him haunt her as she tries to move on. When she thinks she is over him, the universe thrusts them back together, giving them their chance to reveal secrets.

Max doesn’t know how to love Maddie without hurting her. When he witnesses her accident, he’s afraid he’s lost her forever.

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