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Diana Severson


Diana Severson felt inspired to write poetry in her moments of deep emotion and quiet time with the Lord. Writing helped her through the loss of a loved one, moments of helplessness, and the events of her life and in this world. Diana, a retired nurse in behavioral medicine and blessed mother of two realized early on that her belief that she would not face difficulties in her life was a misconception. From then on, she followed the words of Jesus, "In this world, you will have troubles." She believes his words and could not do any of it without God's help.

About the Book

Through sickness, tragedy, and loss, words began to come to the author, Diana Severson, in her time with the Lord.  Sometimes she would awaken thinking about someone she was praying for, and the words would start forming in her head. She began to get up and start writing. Diana has shared several of these poems with others in their time of need and hopes that the poems in her book, Words of Love: A Caregiver's Reflections through their Dementia Journey, help others through difficult times.

     With the onset of Alzheimer's in her husband, a new area of need has arisen on her journey through this challenging disease.  She felt the need to share some of her thoughts and feelings with others, hoping that it may enlighten and lift the burden and perhaps lead some to lean more on our heavenly Father.  It is in her prayers that this book will bless all who read it.  

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It is my prayer that this book will bless all who read it.  

Peace and love,

~Diana Severson

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