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1250 E. 115th Street

Burnsville, MN  55337


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FuzionPress - Located in Burnsville, Minnesota


For authors seeking the best that the self-publishing world can offer, FuzionPress has the highest-quality design, formatting, editorial, marketing, and PR services provided by our team of professionals.  We offer custom self-publishing services and packages tailored to meet your specific objectives.

FuzionPress understands what it takes to prepare and produce a manuscript for publication, and our experienced team will work  closely with you to create a high-quality book that achieves your distinctive vision for your work.

FuzionPress pledges to help you bring your book to market using an effective combination of self-publishing and traditional methods. By choosing to self-publish, you will be able to maintain control over your work’s publication and launch your book on your own timetable.

FuzionPress is committed to assisting new and emerging authors find their own creative paths to becoming published authors.

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